Windancer's Painted Dream of Majestic Trails
August 2010 to May 2017
We lost our sweet girl to lymphoma. 
Our hearts are forever broken.

Dreamy was 9 weeks old when she came to live with us.  She was to be my daughter, Megan's puppy.  Megan's favorite book for several months was  "Painted Dream" a story of a black and white pony.  When she knew I was looking for a landseer little girl she was so excited and planned on naming her Painted Dream!  Not too long after we got our black and white girl, her name was shortened to Dreamy.  She is such a smart, loving, precious dog!  She is the mediator between all of our Newfs; she has a way of calming everyone down!  She is the most amiable of all our dogs and gets along wonderfully with everyone, two legged and four legged!  Dreamy in a word is STUNNING!!!
Birthday: August 6, 2010
Color: Landseer
Weight: 123 pounds 

Health Clearances:
Heart: OFA - Normal - Cardiologist OFA #NF-CA4492/32F/C-VPI
Hips:  Good - OFA # NF-11323G31F-VPI
Patella:  Normal - OFA # NF-PA1572/31F/P-VPI
Cystinuria: DNA Tested - Clear

Sire:  CH F-Stops Heavy Equipment at Windancer

Dam:  Windancer's Sadie Needs No Invitation