Majestic Trails Smiley Miley of Coal Valley

Miley is currently living with a wonderful family in eastern PA.  She has an older Newf brother, Juno and kitty siblings as well!  Miley is enjoying retirement!  Miley is such a sweet gentle Newf and was my daughter's best doggie buddy!  They would play for hours in the back  yard.   She has such a wonderful calm temperment and has touched many lives as a therapy dog and is a delight to everyone she meets. 

Birthdate:  9/13/2010
Brown (gray and landseer recessive)
Weight:  136 lbs.

Health Clearances:
Heart: OFA - Normal - Cardiologist OFA #NF-CA4489/31F/C-VPI
Elbows:  OFA - Normal OFA #NF-EL4931F31-VPI
Hips: PennHip R-DI 0.15; L-DI 0.58 - 70%
(no radiographic evidence of DJD)
Cystinuria: DNA Tested - Clear
Patella:  Normal OFA #NF-PA1584/31F/P-VPI
Brucellosis - Negative

Majestic Trail's Smiley Miley has 14 Champions in her 5th and 6th generations!